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My manifesto,

Stone and earth, flesh, and bone, layer by layer, a collection of facts that give birth to each other and differ from each other ... A whole becomes the existential work of many facts coming together with a coordinated consciousness. It is a metamorphic, different version of what the receiver receives, a different dimension of living and letting live. Mosaic is such a factual whole. It turns differences and types into elements that serve the same purpose. Every element becomes a limb, gives life, adds movement, becomes a language, and tells... The more they can understand, the more they can explain. So is man; In different species such as mosaics, in different colors, in different races, but when they come together, they become every part and limb of the path leading to the same goal with a coordinated intelligence and consciousness. Mosaic is a magnificent work of art, where being in different colors and different types is not excluded and accepted, on the contrary, it is a necessity and should be but only in this way it can survive. It is the main theme of all differences, both physical and metaphysical, social, and individual. Soil minerals, minerals colors and races, then cyclically different types and colors of rocks and stones, these rocks and stones, colorful terracotta, are only brought together in the hands of a conscious mind, the artist to create masterpieces and these masterpieces begin to tell in a language that the unintelligible can understand. On the other side of creation, the earth, the different minerals it carries come together in a very different dimension and take on a completely different shape, turning into a cell, a struggling tissue, various organs, limbs and finally colorful conscious intelligences and artists. Both are mosaics; is a work of art; he is also an artist ... While one gives birth to the other, each is different from the other. Knowledge arises from belief. Throughout the ages, mass beliefs have been accepted as knowledge. Although truth and truth evoke the concrete, belief and creed evoke the abstract, they become the creators and creators of each other.

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