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date. 2021

city. Seattle

media. paper, using pen and ink and gouache paint

star card assembled_edited_edited.jpg

It is my intention to create a suite of video documentaries that follows my creative process.  This will help me to further grow as an artist and to help others understand their own creativity.

In these video chapters, I will demonstrate how I create drawings, paintings, collages, and sculptures in a variety of mediums and how they all tie together to help to form an amazing experience.

I will be sharing these videos documents with the public in various ways such as Facebook, my website, and in person events at public venues in Tacoma. This project is still a work in progress. You will find videos of me drawing at my website. It is my goal to edit these videos with voice that explain the process, tools, and materials in a more in-depth manner. Stay tuned for developments coming soon as I master the learning curve of filming and editing.

It is my hope that these demonstrations will help others to find inspiration and overcome blocks to their personal expression and creativity.

I am grateful to the City of Tacoma for giving me this unique opportunity.


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